That’s a little better.

Clear blue skies and bright sunshine was sure a nice sight this morning. Yesterday was downright depressing. Noone went near the pool until around 8:30 last night and then we figure they must have just given up on the rain stopping and decided to just swim anyway. At least the pool was warm, just the trip back to the camper would be a little chilly. Needless to say noone tried fishing yesterday. Sounds like our tenters were a little water logged. The one family spent a good portion of the day in the rec building. We had a not bad turnout for the ice cream social – 8 people. Considering it was a miserable day I would call that a success. The one nice thing about the ice cream social for me is that it doesn’t matter how many people show up. I don’t really have to do anything extra and nothing goes to waste because it is all stuff that will keep or get used. The craft didn’t go over at all, no one showed up. It looks like we will be phasing out craft time, but I still have a couple more days scheduled so we will see.

The long term forecast for Duckyfest is showing sunny and 26. I hope they are right, that sounds just about perfect.

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