A doe, a deer…

Dennis went out to feed the fish last night and there was a momma deer standing in the canola watching him. We haven’t seen much sign of the deer lately but obviously they are still here. A couple years ago you would always see them crossing the road from one bush to the other. In the spring I did see some tracks near the fish pond, but this is the first sign we have seen for months. Now we will have to really keep watch for tracks around the pond.

Today is the last official day for swimming registration but I am sure I will get some late registrations. Including my kids we have 38 kids registered already. I have a couple people that I still have to touch base with to confirm the details but I know they are planning to register. So I am looking at being over 45 kids for the session. Make that 39, I just got another phone call. Next is the fun job of figuring out the schedule. I try to accommodate as many time requests as possible, but that can be difficult sometimes.

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