Rain, rain go away

Ok the rain was nice we did need some, but now it is time for the heat to come back. There is one advantage to the cooler weather – the people that are here get the whole pool area to themselves. We have a group of two families staying in a room and tenting site. The kids basically had the run of the pool yesterday. We cranked the heat back up so it is still nice and toasty in the water. They were swimming in the rain yesterday morning and didn’t seem to mind.

We had another big family pass through last night on their way from Wisconsin to Alaska. When he booked he told me that they were moving up there. I am sure that they have a good reason to move there, but I personally don’t know what it would be. A nice place to visit, but live up there I just don’t know. Some of their group was also able to relax in the hot tub after the all day drive.

I just read this on the activity listing from another website. I am now putting red bull on my shopping list.

Mon Flashlight Games

Family Activity, rec hall at 8:30 PM

un-accompanied children will be fed Pixie Sticks and Red Bull. Bring a flashlight and a bag.



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