Overall it was kind of a depressing weekend, not very busy at all. Between no shows, cancels, changes in bookings it just wasn’t a very busy weekend. We still had about 10 sites at various times during the weekend, some were here already and left on Saturday, some stayed only one night etc. Considering it was a 30 degree day in July on Sat it was pretty slow. This rain today is certainly not going to help this weekends bookings.

We are doing bit of a movie marathon in the rec building this morning. We are watching Scooby Doo 2 right now and might as well put another one on after this because it is not a great morning to be outside.

The Easter egg hunt went over pretty well. I think that they were all found, but considering we hid 15 dozen there could still be some hiding that we have forgotten about. The craft wasn’t very popular though. We had my two kids, two other girls and one big kid at heart. Easter will become another annual Ducky Event. We even had some teenagers go around and try to find the eggs. They didn’t pick them up, but just marked on the map where they were. We didn’t put an offical age limit, but we did limit the number of eggs they could find until Sunday morning. Sunday some kids were coming in with 20 or so eggs and some adults too.

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