The calm before the storm

I am finally wireless again. In fact I am sitting by the pool as I type this. The girlies are getting one last swim before the weekend hits. We were in Stonewall this morning stocking up on supplies, then I got another batch of chicken wings precooked and ready to go. The boys got the last mowing and trimming done this morning and Dennis got some maintenance done on the mini golf. So, all that said I think we are now ready for the weekend. I have 3 sites here right now and am still expecting another 2 maybe 3 tonight. I still have  one RV site open for the whole weekend and can’t seem to get rid of it. I had another site cancel and rebook within 30 minutes.

We got some new Rubber Ducky Resort shirts in yesterday. They are navy and have a much better picture of our logo than the last ones. It also looks very sharp on the navy shirts. We also got some hoodies this time too. I think that these shirts will sell pretty good.

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