A long long weekend

This weekend seemed to go on and on and on. Sunday we had 6 sites switch over, so it was almost like a second weekend starting all over again. Some of  the sites left on  Monday, but the majority didn’t leave until yesterday. I know that some people just went to work from here Mon morning then came back for yesterday.

Saturday we had a problem getting people to come out of their sties to do stuff. We set up hte bouncer by the playground on Sat afternoon and other than my girls we only had 4 other kids come out. We had quite a few train’/boucher writbands sold and there were signs everywhere telling people when it was so I don’t really know why noone came out. Not to mention the fact that it is a big yellow and red inflatable thing that kind of grabs your attention. Sat night we had athe band on the picnic shelter stage and a few people came and sat and listened. The people in the sites in the front just stayed in their sites, but those in the back nver came out to listen.  It was kind of a waste having them here since for the last two sets they didn’t even have a visible audience. We cooked up some homemade french fries on Sunday afternoon. I am guessing that we went through well over 30 pounds of taters. We used the big deep fryer outside so that everyone gets the waft of greasy french fry smell that is soo hard to resist. Sunday afternoon was also birthday cake. It started off slow , but eventually we went through two large cakes. Fireworks went pretty good on Sunday evening. Some other campers brought some to add to ours.  The pool was packed from Fri night until last night and the slushees were flying out the door. It was finally time to get to enjoy the hot weather. Unfortunately this year we have the mosquitos to deal with. They have been bad right around dusk but then luckily they seem to disappear within half and hour or so.

My swimming lessons have finally been scheduled. They will be from July 21-31. I have sent out the email info, now this afternoon I have to do up some posters to put up in town. I have already had a good deal of interest so it shouldn’t be a problem filling the spots.

We had a test fish this weekend. Our volunteer fisherman caught 3 throughout the weekend. I hear that only 2 were able to be released though. One little fella coudn’t make it. He weighed in at around 1/2 pound and 10 inches long. We will be looking at getting fishing started in the next week or so. I did up a prototype ducky fishing license the other day and now need to do up the ducky fishing guide. We will be picking up some supplies to have on hand for rent or sale.

Well it is time to carry on with my catching up from last weekend and getting ready for another one. It will be here before I know it. It is Easter in July this weekend.

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