July long

Well I think that I have finalized the schedule for the July long weekend. We just added a band on Saturday night. We had one last year and I kind of held off because it is not really a long weekend with the holiday on Tuesday. We finally connected with a guy we know that books bands and he had this one available in our budget. They are a two piece band that plays mainly older rock I believe. They are called Scenic Root.  Hopefully everyone enjoys them. So that means our garage sale is Sat morning, the inflatable bouncer is Sat afternoon, the band is Sat night, Birthday cake is Sun afternoon and fireworks are Sun evening. I still only have one electrical/water site left. For some reason the people that have called don’t want that site. It is one of the ones beside the pool and backing on to the playground. I am assuming it is the location that is holding them back unfortunately. I personally would like the location. Being close to the pool and playground would work perfectly for me with the girls, but I know it all depends on your situation. I did have one of the most popular sites open up with a cancellation this morning. I have already emailed someone that was looking yesterday and I don’t imagine it will take long for me to get rid of it.

I am training a new employee this afternoon. Hopefully the last one I have to train this summer since it is not one of my favorite jobs. I don’t know exactly what it is about the training part that I don’t like, maybe just that there is so much to go over and I am always worried I will forget something.

It didn’t seem to cool down too much last night. At least we didn’t get the thunderstorms that they were forecasting. They are calling for rain on Friday and otherwise hot the rest of the weekend. Maybe by tomorrow they will change it to no rain, that would be much better.

We were out feeding the ducks this morning and one of our little chipmunks decided he wanted some too. He came within about 10 feet of us and grabbed the bread and ran. They are sure getting tame and used to people.


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