Oh no couldn’t be easy

I am still attached to my leash this morning. I unplugged one router and plugged the other one in and voila nothing. Why couldn’t it just be easy? I am guessing from my limited knowledge that the router needs to be configured differently but it is beyond my. So now I have to wait to hear back from our computer guy to get things up and running again.

As it sits right now I only have one rv site open for this weekend. I have a couple that are open only Sunday and Monday. There are still a few tenting sites and I have no rooms booked yet. I have been trying to sort girlie clothes to get ready for the garage sale on Sat morning.  I will be selling the stuff by the box full for cheap get-it-out-of-my-house prices so if you know anyone who is looking for stuff in approx size 2-4 send them my way.

I ordered my Canada Day fireworks yesterday.from fireworkscheckout.com. They give free delivery right to my door. Now that’s a deal that I can’t refuse. We usually do a kids fireworks at around 7:00pm for the little kids that will be in bed before dark and they had one that shoots off streamers so I thought that was perfect.

Tonight is another quad club meeting here. I am not expecting too much of a crowd as it is getting to be that busy time of the year. It will still be a fairly quiet day around here. Two sites are leaving today, one tomorrow. I am not expecting anyone in until Thurs. Kind of the calm before the storm for this weekend.

Just heard that Canad Inns is planning to build a new waterpark by Polo Park. The small price tag is only 43 million. Sounds like it should be quite the facility.

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