I’m back

No I didn’t drop off the face of the earth but my internet did. Our modem went down Wednesday night. MTS was out on Friday morning to fix it up but our wireless is still down so I am still attached to a leash basically. Our hardwired jack is located in the house and it is really cramping my style. I am used to using the computer here there and everywhere. Hopefully tomorrow or Wed the wireless will be back online.

Last week managed to fly by extremely fast. Thursday morning I cooked breakfast for the one camping club before they pulled out. The other club was here until Friday morning then those sites quickly filled up with the Warren baseball group. We were quite full this weekend actually.  By my quick count there was over 15 overnight sites which is amazing for  a weekend in June before school is done.  I am excited and a little scared to see just exactly what the summer weekends will bring. Friday night at 10:30pm we had 3 trucks and boats from Minnesota stop in looking for rooms. They were on their way to Grand Rapids and had had enough driving for the day. “A woman with long red hair walking a dog” apparently sent them our way so a thanks to you whoever you are. 

It is nice to see that the weather has turned around and is finally cooperating. Overall it was a good weekend. We did have a storm pass through on Saturday night but it was fortunately short lived. There was quite a bit of hail that came out of it. I heard there was even some snowballs being thrown around after and there were some snow drifts. Just a little something to keep things interesting.

I know that some kids are already done but school is offically finished tomorrow around here. Then it is  time for all the kids to start driving their parents crazy and that summer camping season will also begin.

It looks like I should be off my leash by the end of today. Trying to stay in one spot long enough to type this is proving difficult this morning and it has taken me over an hour to do.

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