Another weekend done

Considering the weekend began with a Tornado warning it turned out pretty good.  The weather wasn’t the warmest, but it was still tolerable. It didn’t seem to stop anyone from going in the pool. We were quite full on Saturday night as we had 4 drive up sites in addition to the reservations. One was a couple from Austria in a truck camper. That must have been quite the drive (?lol). They were able to communicate in English, but it was a little difficult. Our kids rock painting craft went over fairly well. We had about 10 kids come out to give it a try. I hear some of the masterpieces became father’s day gifts.

Today is cleanup and regroup to get ready for two camping clubs coming in tomorrow. We have a load of crushed rock on the way to touch up some areas that have taken a bit of a beating from all the rain that we got last week.   One of the clubs has 15 sites and one room booked. The other club has  7 sites. Hopefully things don’t get too confusing as we try to sort out and regsiter who is with which club. This should make for a busy week around here. The forecast looks like it will be great weather right through the week. Could this be the turning point and summer will be here now?

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