Testing the fishing out.

The guys decided to try out the fishing last night. They have been impatiently waiting for a while now. There were no tall tales to tell however as they only had a couple nibbles. The fish just weren’t very active last night, they wouldn’t even come to get their regular food. We did have a storm go through earlier in the evening so I am not sure how that would affect them. You always here different fish ‘experts’ comment on how the weather will affect their feeding patterns.

Today is the first day of the Red River Ex in Winnipeg. They have a butterfly exhibit attraction this year. I saw some footage on the news last night and it looks like it would be something to see. We were in an exhibit on holidays one time and it was interesting. The   girls especially liked it, but it was interesting for us as well. You would be looking at a plant or something and then all of a sudden there was a different butterfly. They will land right on you just like you were a tree or something.

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  1. My whole family enjoyes ice fishing we love catching big slabs one to two pounders you know. We felet them and roll it in batter then into the deep fryer they go.

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