I  had the pleasure of meeting a very nice lady last night. She phoned to make sure that we had a campsite and announced herself as ‘Eloise from Halifax’. It was just her and her dog travelling together in a camper van. She is into the rubber ducky thing so she brought her bath robe in to show me the rubber duckies all over it. She laughed about how in Ontario she was standing in a parking lot in her ducky bathrobe with 6 firemen as the carbon monoxide alrm was going off. She then told me about having a rubber ducky bathroom in her house and now having one in her camper. Then she gave me some ducky wall decals. I was only talking with her for about 10 minutes and it just made my day. She was just that type of person.

I think that we can all agree with the rain rain go away saying today. Things had just started to dry up after the 2 inches we received on the weekend and another 1/2 last night. The weather network is saying that the sun may poke out this afternoon and then just showers this weekend. Man do I hope that they are right. We ar up to 10 sites and 1 room booked fot his weekend so I hope taht it turns out nice . One site had changed from last weeknd to ghis weekend because of the rain so that would really suck for them to end up with a rainy weekend anyway. I have a kids craft planned for Saturday afternoon, but the catch is I need to go out in the field to gather some rocks to paint. My problem is that my shoes are going to come back 10 pounds heavier by the time I am done. 

The guys have been busy getting the mowing finished before the weekend. Dennis has been trying to get rid of an unwanted water hazard near the mini golf. 

In case you hadn’t noticed tomorrow is Friday the 13th. I am somewhat superstitious about some things (I won’t walk under a ladder and you can’t make me) but friday the 13th doesn’t bother me. It is pick your ducky discount weekend so maybe it will be lucky for some. I have to go over later and get my duckies all lined up and ready for plucking.

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