As I type this I am also watching CityTV’s big breakfast and the weather just finished. Let’s just say that it’s not pretty. The next four days all have showers. Hopefully they are wrong as usual. Seems like they just got finished mowing the grass and it is overdue to be cut already. It feels like fall out there not almost summer.

We got another two hundred trout this morning. The other guys seem pretty happy in their new home so we figured we might as well get some more so they are ready for next season. The big guys should be ready to catch in another month or so. They are jumping quite a bit when we feed them now. One good thing about all this rain is that the pond is nice and full. We transplanted some bullrushes and other plants last week to help the ambiance  and help to stabilize the shoreline too.

We have had quite a few different types of birds around here lately. Lots of finches, blue jays, various sparrows, orioles and even a cardinal. I have been trying to feed them to keep them around, but there are two certain grey squirrels that are driving me berserk. They are always on the feeders either eating the seeds or the feeder itself. Then they have found the bag of seeds and made a mess of it. You know you have a squirrel problem when they go strolling past our front door.


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