I tried to sit down and write on here a couple times in the last few days and just gave up. I think that we had our Friday the 13th come one week early and I just have not been in a creative mood. It all started with some staffing issues then carried on to Dennis and another person being verbally confronted by a another guest. It is just amazing how one person can view the same incident completely different than 3 other people. I can’t go into any detail becuase at this point I am not sure if it is completely finished yet.

In the end we had only 4 overnight sites here this weekend. The weather scared quite a few off, but it actually turned out to be a fairly nice weekend. We did have a couple from overseas stay in one of our rooms on Saturday. They are apparently looking for a farm to buy in Manitoba. They had a real estate tagent take them around yesterday to look at some places. I wasn’t abale to talk to them much myself (back to the staffing issues) so my infomration is all second hand. I was told that they were looking in the Riding Mountain area. That is the power of the internet for ya. They found us, and most likely the real estate agent online. They were able to organize and plan their trip from a long long ways away. They couldn’t have done that even a decade ago.

Surprisingly I am expecting a camper to come in today in the pouring rain. They phoned to make sure we had a spot open for a couple days and should be here anytime now.


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