Thought I would share some pictures of some of our feathered freiends that have dropped in for a visit lately.

Wild mallards in the pond  These are the two wild mallards that seem to have taken a seasonal spot here. Almost everyday we see them in one pond or the other. I have named them Donald and Daisy of course.Canada Geese in the pond



In the back of the pond there are a few Canada Geese. This was from last night when a flock flew over the house. A few decided to make a detour for a swim. They have been around a couple times now.


Today is looking to be dreary and rainy all day. That is not necessarily a bad thing because we certainly did need the rain. There is already quite a bit of water around this morning. They are still calling for a nice weekend once it clears up later this evening. I can’t remember just how many sites we have booked, there have been cancellations and new bookings all week. I believe we are around 6 or so and two rooms booked on Saturday night. There have been quite a few people passing through to have a look around. Some people are taking a serious look at coming here since they won’t be able to swim in a lake any time soon. The water will be a little chilly – certainly not 80 degrees. And I know that I personally would rather swim in a nice, warm pool than a frigid lake.

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