I usually go for a walk in the evenings after I have got the girlies into bed and last night I stopped to give the ducks some bread then sat down on the bench. I guess it had been a while because I seemed to forget just how relaxing and calming it is to just sit there and watch the little guys swim around and really listen. You could hear the frogs croaking, all the birds singing and somewhere in the distance I think an owl. It turned out to be a really nice night – there was no wind and the sunset was beautiful. There was really no one else around. The campers that are here were either in the rec building or at their camper so it was just me and nature. One important thing I realized is that we need a more comfortable bench out there. The peace however came to an abrupt end when the ducks started fighting over a candy wrapper to see who should eat it  and I had to go take it away from them. Just like kids they have to fight over something that they don’t need anyway. Silly critters. I then went to the fish pond to visit them and they were jumping like crazy to get the feed again.

Speaking of the ducks we are now down to 3 rouens. Two of the pekins we lost the second day, one was a runt and the other never did look to healthy. The third one we don’t know what happened. We really hope these ones hang on  as we don’t know where to get more. I called the hatchery where we got them after we lost the first two and they said they weren’t hatching anymore.  We do have two wild mallards that are hanging around (Donald and Daisy of course). They go from one pond to the other just swimming and hanging out.

There is a couple that were here for two nights from Kentucky. I was talking to them last night and they were telling me how they have recently retired and are on their way North to Alaska. They left home a week ago and plan to be gone until August. They spent the day in Winnipeg yesterday seeing the sights. I know that they went to the Air Museum and not sure what else. They too have a blog so everyone at home can keep up with their trip. Last night they we sitting in the rec building doing their blog and watching the hockey game. They are travelling in style too – a big fifth wheel with 3 slides. A very, very nice couple.

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