We had an unexpected suprise yesterday afternoon-the Snowbirds did a flyby. The first time they went past I heard them, but wasn’t able to see them. When they came back we were able to get out to have a look. They cruised past to the North and then headed West. It was definately the highlight of our weekend. There were still a few campers around that also had the opportunity to see them. This morning the girls and I went on their website to learn a little more and to see some pictures. http://www.snowbirds.forces.gc.ca/site/index_e.asp Learned a couple interesting things – when they are in formation they are only 4 ft apart and they fly at 750km/h. Wow. I couldn’t get over the 4 ft. I knew they were close, but not that close.

We ended up with a fairly good weekend. There were 9 or 10 overnight sites booked which is good considering it was only the end of May. Everyone got a coupon for free mini golf when they registered (it was free mini golf weekend) and I think that most people did take advantage and have a game. The weather certainly kept things interesting. We lived up to the saying of if you don’t like the weather just wait 5 minutes and it will change.

The guys got the 6 person hot tub back up and running again. They ended up putting a different shell into the existing surround. It was given a good test run by some of our seasonals this weekend and things all check out fine. I think the only issue that they had was a water displacement situation when too many bodies were in the tub.



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