Kitty update

Our kitty from the previous post has found the perfect home. Some of our seasonals have taken her and she has made herself right comfortable in their home and bed. Her name has been changed from Smoky to KiTty with approval from my girlies. We have the best of both worlds as she is now a camping kitty and they bring her out on the weekends. The girls understood why we had to find a new home, but they had become very attached and were sad to see her go. This way they get visitation rights on the weekends. She just hangs out at their camper. They have got her on a leash so that she can be tied up outside. Although as we laughed its not like she would go very far. She would eventually end up back at her usual haunts around the campground. Keeping true to her easy going nature she never balked at the leash, or having her nails clipped or anything about the move. She was certainly happy to get some pets from the girlies yesterday though and vice versa.

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