Holy jumping catfish Batman!

The fish were crazy last night. We went out to feed them around 9:00pm and they were putting on quite the show. They were jumping and grabbing the food. Some of them were even coming right up to the shore and we could see groups of them swimming along. They must have carried on for almost half an hour at least. It was very interesting to watch. We think that they have grown quite a bit, but it is hard to tell when they are in the water.

Yesterday was a crazy phone day too. A good kind of crazy however. I must have booked close to 20 sites for various times throughout the summer including another 4 for this upcoming weekend. Mondays always seem to go like that. It is usually the busiest phone day of the week. Fortunately I got another set of good phones. We had bought one set in the spring and they were absolute garbage. They were a 5.8ghz and supposed to have up to 300′ range. We could not get reception in the pool area and the sound quality was horrible. The new phones I have I just answered it up in the shop yard. I don’t know the distance numbers wise, but for those of you who have been here you know how much of a difference it is. In my opinion I will never buy a Uniden phone again and will stick with my Vtech.

Swimming lessons are starting to come together. I talked to my instructor and unfortunately she does not have her other schedule yet so it is hard to plan something definate yet. But it looks like we will be running some daytime and some evening lessons with one session in July and one in the beginning of August.

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