Sunday night movie

I picked out the movies for this Sunday and it was not easy. I had already decided a couple of days ago that I would put on the Bee movie at around 6:30. Then I had to find something for the older age group (I learned last year that people take it the wrong way if I say adult movie). There was absolutley nothing interesting on pay-per-view right now. All the movies seemed like very dramatic, serious movies and that is just not what I was looking for. I try to appeal to as broad an audience as I can since we have anywhere from teenagers to grandparents that may want to watch the movie. So Sarah and I headed to see what there was to rent at the store. There were a couple that looked good, but one was an unrated version and it just didn’t look very family friendly. The other one I wasn’t too sure on the content so I didn’t want to take a chance on it. I finally decided on Mr. Woodcock. It is rated PG-13 and the reviews that I saw said there were some language warnings and drug references, so nothing major. This is a link to a description of what the movie is about 


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