Ready, set, go

Other than a few tenting sites we are completely booked for this weekend. All of our rooms are even booked out during the weekend. This is a good breakthrough for us as they have not been as busy as we had hoped. They have had their good weekends for sure, but this year there seems to be a lot more awareness that they are here. Although we are full and it will be busy this weekend, we say it is a good kind of busy. The majority of campers we already know either from them having stayed with us before or just know them personally. So I am not forseeing any major ‘issues’ this weekend  and it will be as relaxing as a long weekend can get. The weather seems to have straightened around which is going to make things more enjoyable for everyone.

We are slowly working through our to-do lists to get things ship shape and ready to go. Today will be the last day to do the ‘work’ part. We had one camper arrive last night and another two more are coming tonight. So, the weekend is getting off to an early start. We have had a couple from Alberta staying here since Monday and they have just booked for tonight as well.  There was also another lady who came in on Monday that I have to tip my hat to. She has been travelling in a small class C for the past 8 months or so – just her and her dog. She was telling us that she has been to Florida, spent the winter in Arizona and then to California. She managed to find her way through here on her way back home to Ontario, (near Toronto I believe).  She left here on Tuesday and spent the day at Oak Hammock Marsh, then decided to come back for another night. From what I gather she has been visiting friends and family along the way. It takes a lot of courage to do all that travelling on her own. I don’t know many people that would do something like that.

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