You could shoot a cannon through here..

or a potato gun. (lol, bit of an inside joke for those in the know)

To say it was dead around here this weekend is a bit of an understatement. Friday night there was not soul around here. Saturday morning I think everyone felt the same as me – I was hibernating in the house whenever I could. Last night though the wind finally died and the sun came out making it a lovely April evening. Oh, but it’s May isn’t it? We did have one seasonal and one camper come in yesterday afternoon. Looking out the window I have high hopes for today. There is not a cloud in the sky, it looks like a bright summer day right now. Last night when I looked at the forecast they were calling for a high of 16 and I am not even going to look again today in case they have changed it already.

The campers that are here are taking advantage of our pay-as-you-go camping. They pay for this weekend and next and get to leave their camper set up and unplugged. Now, they are set to relax and enjoy the May Long. As of right now we are pretty booked up for the weekend. I have only one room left, and 2 RV sites. There are still lots of tenting sites left, but I am not surprised. You have to be a die hard to tent in weather like this.

It’s now time to figure out how big of a pig we are going to need for next weekend’s May Long Pig Roast. I am thinking that on Sunday I will run a BBQ pork on a bun special as well. Try that out and see what the response is. This is our first May long with this many sites. Last year we did not have phase 2 open yet.

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