This Weekend at the Duck


10am-7pm—Sign word hunt. There will be a list of words/phrases posted in the activities window of the Concession Building. Search the campground for signs with the phrases.  Text pictures of the signs to 204-818-5012. Winners will be chosen randomly at 7:00pm & posted in the activities window.


9am—Ducky  Hunt—Find the specially marked ducks hiding around the campground and bring them to the Concession for a prize.

1 ducky per person, (don’t go into campsites).

Bumper Boats are open Sat 1:30pm-5pm; Sun 11:45-2:15. Purchase tickets at Concession.

Ducky Express will run Sat at approx. 12:00pm and Sun 11:00 Sign up online.  Link is on our website (home page quick links section)

Pools and hot tubs will be open as Covid restrictions allow. Current information is posted on the amenities page of the website. We are doing signups for swim times during busy days. The link is on the amenities page as well. Swim times are posted one day in advance.

Curbside Check in is now available—pay online and electronically accept terms and conditions before arrival; text the Concession at 204-383-0136 upon arrival; we will bring your check in info to your vehicle.

Mozza Sticks—Ooey, gooey breaded cheese sticks 5.99

Birthday Cake & Ice Cream—Yummy birthday cake baked in our kitchen topped with vanilla soft serve  3.39

Place your order online and save 10% with promo code ‘ online’

Mon-Thu 11 am-9 pm

Fri, Sat 9 am-10 pm

Sun 9 am-9 pm

 Call or text 204-383-0136

(menu and online ordering  at

Remember masks indoors , physical distance and gathering  guidelines while at the campground

Wifi Available—free hotspot around Concession connect to Rubber Ducky Guest. Paid wifi throughout the campground connect to Rubber Ducky Wifi

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