1:15pm. Poker Derby.

Please read all details as there are specific guidelines related to Covid policies and we have made changes. We will not be doing a registration. You will start by going to the below checkpoints and pick up 1 envelope per spot. (sanitize hands before grabbing the envelope) Then come to outside the Pool Hall to complete your hand and open envelopes—enter from the West side of building, exit between Concession and Pool Hall building.   As per Public Health orders, you must stay with your household only and at least 6 feet away from other guests.  All envelopes need to be turned in before 3pm.  Winners will be posted in Pool Hall Window at approx. 8pm.

  1. Bench by fish pond
  2. Stage
  3. Overflow area
  4. Ball Diamond



Pools and Hot tubs are open. Capacities are limited and signups will be needed on the weekend. See our Website for link


Pizza & Wings—12” pepperoni or double cheese pizza and 12 wings    26.49

Gummi Bear  Twister—Vanilla Soft Serve mixed with mini gummi bears   sm 4.40   lrg 4.95

Caramel Latte  1.85


Mon-Thu 11am-9 pm

Fri-Sat 9 am-10 pm

Sun 9 am-9pm

 Call or text 204-383-0136

 (menu and online ordering  at


Bumper Boats open Sat 1:30-5pm Sun 11:45-2:15pm.

One household only per group of riders.

Train Saturday Noon-1pm; Sunday 11-11:30 Sign up link on home page of our website. (times will show 24 hours in advance. )

One household per car.

Distance from other households while waiting, entering and exiting



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