Here we go

Mother Nature may not be cooperating much this year but we are set to get camping started again this weekend. Yes there will be snow. Yes it will be cold. But we are Manitobans and I am expecting there will be quite a few people wandering out with even a few brave souls spending the night.

Our website has been updated with our 2018 events so be sure to check it out and plan your weekends. Last summer we upgraded our online reservation system and it is now much more user friendly. We have seen a big increase in online bookings this Spring. Gotta love sitting in front of the TV in your jammies and relaxing while planning your summer fun. Another ‘modern convenience’ we added is a textable phone number. We all know how it goes we have the phones but who wants to actually talk on them 🙂 You can now text us at 204-814-3959 to ask general questions, check availability or even find out what the weather is. And we still have the direct phone to the Concession for calls or texts at 204-383-0136.

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