This Weekend at the Duck

Oct 7-10         happy-thanksgiving-will-bake-for-books-mxmznj-clipart


Noon – Blue Jays on the Big Screen

Dusk– Movie Night on the Big Screen. Movie Title and Time listed by the screen.


3pm – Bomber Game on the Big Screen

5:30pm – Thanksgiving Potluck. Bring a dish to share.


10:30am-9pm – Movie Marathon on the Big Screen. Schedule posted by the movie screen

6:30pm – Blue Jays game in the Rec Building

RDR Grill & Concession/Office Hours

Thu 10am-7pm

Fri, Sat, Sun 9am-9pm

Mon 9am-5pm

Call or text 204-383-0136



Cactus Chippers or Lattice Fries 2.99

Mini Perogies, Mozza Sticks, Pickle Chips, or Mac Cheese Bites 4.65


Check out the Fall Specials

Accepting Reservations for 2017

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