Happy Monday

Today has been a  good day for small talk topics.  The Superbowl will provide a lot of options from the commercials to the half time show to the blackout.  Thanks to the internet we can skip the football and just watch the commercials here and the half time show here.  As far as the blackout footage – there really wasn’t much to see.

Today is also the official end of the penny – sort of. The mint is no longer producing the penny but some businesses seem to be still using them but others have stopped. It is hard to say how long it will be until they completely disappear.  According to this National Post article there are 35 billion pennies still in circulation. One of the most debated topics is just what to do with the penny. Do you donate them, hoard them, or get crafty and creative with them.  I think that I might just save some so that our campers can continue to find ‘lucky’ pennies this summer.  They may just show up on my scavenger hunt lists too, hint, hint.

Whew feels like a heat wave out there today

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