I got in trouble today

Some of our campers came out to visit and check on their camper today and they gave me heck for not having updated my countdown lately 😦  So here it is….

there are now 6,825,600 seconds until camping season 2013 kicks off.

OK probably a bad joke but it made me smile. I don’t suppose he has been wondering how many seconds but he wasn’t specific.  Hey who knows maybe someone was just asking themselves how many minutes it would be. Well I can tell you that it is 113,760 minutes. Oops make that 113,759.

OK likely still not funny. How about 1896 hours. Is that what everyone is wondering?

All right I’ll save you the math. We are now down to only 78 days until we start the fun again. 6 million seconds doesn’t really sound that long when you say it like that.

So now we need to have a talk with Mother Nature and Old Man Winter. If you see them please be sure to tell them that we have enough snow and they need to turn up the thermostat.


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