Views from the Pond

We recently added a new bench to the pond area and I can personally vouch for the fact that it is a nice, relaxing place to sit in the evenings.  We were out for a walk and decided to stop and hang out for a while.


You don’t realize just how many different birds and other critters are there until you spend a little time out there.  Our baby ducks came along shortly afterwards for a little snack and swim.  Then I saw some sort of other bird that I really don’t know what it was. He kept diving under the water and coming up a few seconds later. He wasn’t any bigger than our baby ducks either.

He's in there somewhere

There were a bunch of blackbirds and other similar birds flying around as well. I am not up on my bird indentification as you may have noticed. The fish were quite active with lots jumping around and of course frogs. There are so many frogs this year it is crazy.  All summer we have known about an elusive critter that has been living in the pond, but we rarely caught a glimpse of him. I took my camera out with me in the hopes of just maybe catching a distant picture but, knowing my odds were slim to none. As I walked along the south side, I heard a splash and saw a ripple. Aha he was in the vicinity. I carried on walking around and sat on the bench to wait. Well it was my lucky day when out of the water pops Max. This was just a quick splash with no time to get the camera. I figured I was done and had missed my one, small opportunity. Nope, it was suppertime for the critter. He came back out and nibbled some weeds giving me the perfect Kodak moment.

Max the Muskrat

I am not sure if it is Maxwell or Maxine, so we will just stick with Max. Max was very coooperative today and quite happy to let me take his picture and watch him while he munched away. This bench will definately become one of my new favorite spots in the campground. Next time you are here  be sure to stop by the pond and see if Max is around.

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