September Long Fun

Mother Nature threw some iffy weather at us this past weekend but we all made the best of it anyway. As some people commented it was hard to complain about the rain considering how dry it was. We certainly needed some moisture. The rain didn’t dampen the activities of the weekend however. 

We had a few last minute chickens back out of the chicken wing eating contest leaving us with only 5 competitors this year.

It was a cleaner competition than it had been in other years. There wasn’t as much sauce smeared all over faces, shirts and up to the elbows. When it was all said and done Darryl was the Chicken Wing King for 2011. He’s had lot of practice and lots of wings behind his belt so came as no surprise that he was able to inhale them the fastest.

Sunday afternoon the kids got into the action with some cupcake eating. The goal was to see who could eat the cupcake the fastest without using their hands. 

Hayden was the hands done winner across the board. I think he somehow inhaled his without evening taking a  bite. lol

We had a small group of adults that was willing to give it a try.

Sunday afternoon was yet again another sad day for Bomber fans. I feel like a broken record with the same comment every September long. Oh well let’s hope that the Banjo Bowl will turn out better this weekend. As always it will be on the Big Screen.

Scrapyard Paintball had been testing out a portable paintball field all weekend. There were a few people wondering what the big black thing was by the mini golf. On Sunday evening they were able to start playing a few rounds of two on two. It was an interesting addition to our weekend entertainment.

Although the calendar may say summer is over the weather sure doesn’t. With the temperatures hovering near 30C all weekend we are guaranted at least one more great camping weekend.  On Saturday we will be doing a rock painting craft, ice cream social and Family dance to end the evening. I have a couple campers coming in today to take advantage of our make it a long weekend special and with the hot weather this week it has still been fairly busy around here. I still have a few spots left for the weekend. So if you want to come out an enjoy one more camping weekend. Give me a call (1-866-254-7636) or book online

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions at this time of year:

Q.Is the pool open?

A. Yes the pool will remain open till the end of September

Q. When does the campground close?

A.  October 17

Q. Can we still rent a hot tub?

A. Yes hot tubs can be rented until the campground closes

Q. Is the restaurant open?

A. Our restaurant/concession and office are fully operational until October 17. Fridays and Saturdays we are open until 10pm

Q. Is the mini golf open?

A. Yes the mini golf remains open until the snow flies

Q. When do the motel rooms close?

A. Our motel rooms are open year round. We also offer monthly rates in the off season.

Q. When do you start booking for next year?

A. We take reservations year round and are already booking for 2012.

Q. Do you offer winter storage?

A. Winter storage is available for $28/month.

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