Halloween in August

As always Halloween in August was a popular weekend.  We had some good costumes and also some last minute scrounge the campsite to see what we could find costumes.  Last year we had to contend with cold, pouring rain. This year we couldn’t have asked for a better day.  We stuck with the tried and true and the kids never seem to tire of it. The bobbing for apples starts the day. There were some kids that I think would have bobbed all day if we let them. I didn’t count, but a couple kids must have done at least 7 apples. After the ice cream social we moved on to the ghoulish games.  We wrapped some mummies and found some eyeballs in brains.  Some kids were not too sure about the brains once they stuck their hands in. This face says it all

I heard reports that there were close to 100 kids out for the trick or treating. A lot of them seem to forget to stop and see us at the office so I have to rely on my campers to keep track. It took just over half an hour to make the rounds. 

It was almost too hot for the duck…..

We had some good decorating in the sites this year too.

There are more pictures on our facebook page. Check them out here. https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Rubber-Ducky-Resort-and-Campground/6108262485

This weekend coming up our theme is Valentine’s Day. As I write this I am also finishing downloading all the music for our Valentine’s Day dance on Saturday evening.  The plan is to do some crafts, hand out some secret Valentine’s and have a dance in the evening.

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