Fear Factor

Fear was not a factor at Rubber Ducky this past weekend. We had 11 kids teams and 8 adults teams doing battle. The kids were not too fond of our dog food (canned ham), tofu, onion, baby food, and hot pepper. Most were able to finish it, but the tofu really got them. From the food they moved on to the obstacle course. They had to search through a bucket of pea gravel to find a lucky key, jump through some hoops, under a chair tunnel and try to unlock the jail to release their partner. The top 3 teams were Jessica and Serena; Matt and Jesse; Madison and Raevin.

For the adults we switched up the food a little and added in some green pickled eggs, beef liver, chicken livers, oysters and kept the tofu and hot peppers. Apparently the tofu was a little icky because it stumbled up some of the adults too. In the end we only had 3 teams that were able to make it past the eating and onto the obstacle course. I decided to change the chair tunnel to a table tunnel. There may have been some stuck adults if we went the other way. The top adults teams were Brian and Justyce; Chad and Heather; Mike and Matthew.  One of the adults ‘jailbirds’ actually works on the other side of the bars in real life, so everyone got a few laughs out of that.

It was a great way to spend an hour or so and we hope everyone enjoyed particpating and watching. A big thank you to the volunteers and contestants.  Click this link to see all the pictures.  http://s788.photobucket.com/albums/yy164/RubberDuckyResort/Fear%20Factor/

Coming up this weekend it is halloween in August. That means games, decorating, pool bobbing for apples and of course trick or treating.  There may even be a little watermelon carving. 

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