The unofficial kickoff to Camping in Manitoba

May Long always seems to be the big kickoff to get camping started. Rain or shine most hard core campers will come out. Unfortunately this year we got more rain and clouds than we did shine. However everyone seemed to make the best of it. The Rec Building was full from morning to night on Saturday. We had originally planned to do movie night in the outdoor theater but that got changed to the big screen in the Rec Building. Sunday was at least a decent day and a nice campfire night.  Karaoke is always a popular activity and this weekend was no different. It was solid gold singers from 4pm to almost 10pm.

 Surprisingly the pool was still pretty full despite the rain. The temperature was about 88F on Friday and was able to hold it’s own and only drop down to 84F right now. Even though it was cold outside at least it was warm inside the water. The ones that suffered the most were the parents that had to be on the outside.

The best part of Monday happened at about 8am and then went down hill quickly. I have a few campsites that I wanted to get some pictures of for the website so thought that would be a good time since the sun was shining and most people were still sleeping and wouldn’t be disturbed by someone stalking their campsite.   I was able to walk around in a sweater and still be comfortable. A short couple hours later I was ready to find my winter coat. As they say “If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes and it will change” Mother Nature was nice enough to give me some leaves on the trees, but unfortunately she also gave us some mud puddles for the pictures. So, I will have to stalk some other campers on a drier weekend to get a better picture, but these will do for now.

Another of my picture goals was to get someone catching a fish. A few of our seasonals were out fishing Sunday morning so I grabbed my camera, headed out and put the pressure on for them to catch something. Within a couple minutes Jesse was able to help me out.

Fishing at Rubber Ducky Resort and Campground

The Big One

We have two momma ducks sitting on nests right now. Sadly they did not hide themselves well enough this year and were too much tempatation for some people.  Some of the eggs are now sitting broken outside the nest. Hopefully there are still some that will survive, but we won’t know for a couple weeks.

This Saturday coming up is the town wide garage sale in Warren.  If anyone is into garage saling and bargain hunting this is the weekend. You can usually hit 30 sales in a couple hours within a few blocks of each other. There are certain areas that you can start at one end of the street  just keep walking and shopping.

Gotta love these short weeks. It’s almost the weekend already!

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