This Weekend at the Duck


Free Mini Golf All Day

2-3pm Ice Cream Social

  We will put out a selection of toppings and you get to build your own personalized ice cream sundae. Sm 1.70 Lrg 2.68

6:00pm Movie Night in the Rec Building

  Space Chimps 2: Zartog strikes back

   After accidentally blasting off on a solo mission to Planet Malgor and kicking it with his new friend Kilowatt, brainy techno-chimp Comet attempts to prove his bravery by teaming up with his simian comrades to defeat evil alien leader Zartog. Chock-full of silly jokes and thrilling action sequences, this animated adventure will delight kids as it plays up the quirky characteristics of Comet’s best buddies Ham, Luna and Captain Titan.

RDR Grill Specials

Slushees and Ice Caps – 1.99

Fish n Chips – 6.99

Try Our New Items: Dry BBQ Chicken Wings, Churros, Pizza Stuffed Pretzels

– The Pool will be open in the afternoons

– Check the Ducky Express schedule posted on the Gumball Machine in the Rec Building

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