Feathered Friends

Since it is such a nice day I figured that I should go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Apparently I wasn’t the only one with that thought

I had seen them come in for a landing on the pond about an hour earlier and then never thought anything more about it. I drive up to my flower bed and start working away but, I must have sensed that I was being watched because I look up and see them hanging out across the road.  For some strange reason I had decided that I should bring the camera outside with me in case I found something interesting to take a picture of. I kept expecting them to take off the more I moved around but, they just nibbled some grass and eventually sat down to continue watching me doing my work. I then drove away again and they still sat there not even caring about what I was doing.  It is now about an hour later and they are still sitting there suntanning. We quite often see them out by the pond, but it is unusual for them to come right into the campsites and hang out for so long.  Maybe they are just confused and think they are ducks.

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