And away we go…

Yes, yes I know I have been falling down on the job. The last couple weeks seem to have flown by and I realized today that is has been too long since I have updated my blog.  The last week or so has been a whirlwind of activity finally getting ready for camping. The spring cleanup is now done and ironically thanks to the snow, the grass is now green. The propane filling area is ready to go.   The pool has been drained, cleaned, tuned up and is now refilled and heating. If all goes well we will be swimming this weekend! (Check for details on Friday) Our to-do list started at 2 pages and is now down to only one or two things left. Phew.

After a slow start to the season it finally is starting to feel like camping time. I was surprised at how many die hard campers we actually had out last weekend.  There were a number of seasonals and a group of 3 families together. The snow and rain didn’t stop the boys from fishing all day. The group set up a dining tent around the hot tub and were still able to splish splash around. After seeing some pictures and talking to people in other areas of Manitoba, we can’t really complain too much here. Sure the snow sucked, but at least it was only an inch or so, not a foot. Once again we are hoping that Mother Nature is done and we can get on with summer. I have this feeling of deja vu like I have thought that before.

This weekend is the annual Meadow Lea ATV Derby. If you like to get dirty and play in the mud then apparently this is the derby for you. From what I hear it is normally a wet ride and this year should be especially mucky. I heard reports that if you have a 2WD you may not even make it through some portions. It sounds like there is a group of riders making plans to head out from here on Saturday morning. Rubber Ducky will be manning the BBQ’s along the route again this year.  There is usually one set up at the registration area and one at a midway point. There will be smokies, hot dogs and drinks at both locations.

Our early bird special this weekend is Duck the Tax. You will get a discount equal to the taxes on all campsites this Friday and Saturday nights. Even though it is the offseason we have started our scheduled activities already. Last weekend was our first Saturday afternoon Ice Cream Social and it will also be Movie Night inside the Rec Building this Saturday. I will be firing up the waffle maker just in time for Mother’s Day. Why not treat Mom to a tasty waffle on Sunday morning or better yet, let her stay in bed and everybody else come for waffles 😉

It’s just a busy, busy weekend around the area. Scrapyard Paintball is opening for the season on Saturday. For the opening weekend specials they are offering 25% off regular rates.

Only 17 more sleeps and the May Long Weekend will be here. I still have a camping cabin and tenting sites left for anyone still making plans. If you are already planning on coming to the Duck I still have a hot tub available to rent at your campsite.

Part of my job description includes checking out other campground’s websites and Facebook pages to, yes I admit it,  steal ideas. I do find lots of good ideas this way.  But, sometimes I come across something that strikes me as odd and today was one of those times. Now I am not trying to bash this campground. I have never been there personally and it is not even in Canada. From all accounts it looks like a nice place to camp however this is the line that I found funny. “No walking (or carrying) of pets through the campground. Please visit our Pet Park located …. (pets must be transported in vehicle to …)” I am sure they have their reasons for putting this in their rules but I can’t imagine loading a dog up in a car to take it to a pet park in the same campground for a walk. Has anyone ever heard of a campground that wouldn’t let you walk your dog?

Everyone cross your fingers for better camping weather this weekend.

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