Wacky Quacks

Our ducks have developed a mischievious streak this spring. We think they have been led astray by their ‘wild’ friends. There is a drainage ditch beside the campground that is full of water in the spring, but empty for the rest of the year. Well, one day last week I go driving out the lane and don’t see any sign of the ducks, until I get to the drainage ditch where I find our ducks, two wild ducks and two wild Canada Geese. ??? So, now we start thinking about just how do you get ducks to stay in their own pond. They don’t really take well to leashes and an electric fence would likely cause a lawsuit. We spent the next couple days just watching them enjoy their freedom and doing regular beak counts, hoping that once the big pond melted and the ditch dried up they would come back. When Mother Nature through us the curve ball of -15C overnight it was apparently not much fun out in the field. We woke up to find them huddled in the small pond wondering what happened. So this was a good sign, at least they still knew where home was. In the last couple days the ditch has opened up and the water level has dropped significantly which seems to be spoiling their fun. This snow last night has also dampened their wandering spirits. We were sitting in the Rec Building last night and look outside to see the ducks come waddling back to home (literally all in a row which makes it even more amusing). I haven’t ventured out yet this morning, but I suspect they will be spending the weekend in their home pond. I would like to ground them for their mischeviousness, but they don’t seem to obey a curfew. Oh well, maybe the snow is enough of a punishment for them anyway.

Needless to say it is not a very lively opening weekend around here. It is just downright depressing. If we can believe the weather forecast the snow is supposed to stop and the sun possibly peak it’s nose out this afternoon. But, the way it looks right now I am not holding out much hope.  Global warming, ya right.

Thursday afternoon the power to all the campsites went on. Yesterday we opened all the roads up and were officially ready for camping. Now, we wait. On the upside there have at least been a lot of bookings coming for the summertime.  It has been a busy couple weeks of people planning their summer vacations. I have optimistically booked our pool opening inspection for May 2, so am now going on record as saying our tentative pool opening weekend will be May 6. It might be a lot of work to hit that deadline, but will be worth it in the end. The day of the first swim in the pool is one of the best of the whole year. Historically the latest we have opened was May 8 and that was a situation similiar to today. We had the pool ready to go on the 3rd, then we got snow and the inspection was pushed back a couple days. So, now we need positive, ice melting thoughts and at least a little bit of cooperation from that crazy Mother Nature. Once we get past this little blurb, the 14 day trend looks like the weather will get back on track.

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