Oh Happy Day

It was a good day to be a duck around here. They were released to their summer home today and have spent the afternoon primping and frollicking.  They don’t seem to mind the nud puddles and are happy to be back at their pond. (Everytime I mention puddles and ducks it always brings to mind the joke about being in and out of puddles all day and I chuckle to myself. It is an oldie but a goody and I imagine most people have probably have it pass through their inbox. If not, you’ll have  to search on your own since it is not really one I can share here.)

Ducks in pond

Although it hasn’t seemed super warm the last few days, the sun has sure been doing a good job on the snow. I noticed lots of open ground today that wasn’t there yesterday.  I am looking forward to our first double digit day. Let’s hope the forecast is right and it is almost here. There is just over a week until I turn the power on to the campsites so Mother Nature had better light a fire and get things warming up. What a difference a year makes???!!!

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