Stonewall Parade of Lights

Santa has once again come and gone to Stonewall and as always there were lots of people lining the streets waiting to see the jolly old elf himself.  Or maybe they were all just excited to see us. Nah must be Santa. We were fortunate to have some pretty decent weather again this year. It could always be warmer, but at least we didn’t get hypothermia while we waited for the parade to start.  We usually try  to add a unique touch to kind of set us apart from the rest of the crowd. This year was no exception when we were able to borrow a Boler that we could light up for the night. (A big thank you to Keith Cartage). 

Our  convoy this year included the truck pulling the car hauler which was pulling the Boler. I am thinking it must have been quite the sight to see as we travelled down the highway to the parade with everything all lit up.

I must send a big thank you to everyone that helped to build the float and all our riders that came out that evening. We had 14 people on the car hauler, 2 in the Boler, 2 in the truck and 2 walking; including a Duck. I gotta admit that earlier in the afternoon when my hands and the rest of me were freezing cold from being outside doing the last setup I was wondering why we do the float thing.  Then as everyone showed up to ride on the float and the laughs began I started to remember why. By the time we were done the parade the cold fingers and hours of construction were forgotten and I was already looking forward to next year.  We have bigger and better things in the works. Last year we won first in the commercial category, this year we were runner up, next year it’s time for another trophy to come to The Duck.

The Float Riders


The Duck chillin with the crowd

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