Stonewall Parade

This Friday night is the annual Stonewall parade of lights and we will be there as usual. I was trying to think how many years we have gone in the parade but I really don’t know for sure. I know that we started entering before we started the campground when we were still Rubber Ducky Hot Tubs. There were a couple years that we took a hot tub with at least one year we even had people sitting in the tub as we went down the parade route.  I am guessing that was probably in 2002 or 2003. I think we might have skipped one year when we weren’t able to get a float done. But the last few years we have always been there with a float of some sort and it is always a great time. Last year we were fortunate to have some good ideas and some good help and we won best commercial float. This year things started out with not much for good ideas, but some good help. We were just kind of winging it (yes pun intended) as we went along in the building process on Saturday and in the end it turned out pretty darn good. We now have our decorated car hauler trailer sitting in the picnic shelter patiently waiting for Friday night. We are still in the process of adding one more thing to the float that will be the unique finishing touch. Then the final details and hooking up on Friday afternoon and we will be on the road.

I am hoping that Mr WeatherMan is nice to us this year. We have been through it all – wicked North wind, – 30 temperatures, snow, and last year’s treat of amazingly warm conditions. We were definately spoiled last year when we hardly had to bundle up at all.

If you come to the parade be sure to watch out for the duck walking by. It’s hard for us on the float to see who is in the crowd sometimes so if you know us or have camped with us be sure to give us a BIG wave so that we can see you.  And if you hear the shout of “Who’s number one”  from our float. I wanna hear you shout back “Rubber Ducky”.

We still have some room for riders on the float so if anyone is interested let me know and I can save you a seat. You have to be able to meet us in Stonewall at 6:30ish and the parade is usually done just after 7:30.

So far, so good

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