You may have already heard the rumour…

And it’s true. We are heading into October with our pool open and heated to 80F. We were originally thinking that last weekend would be the end of the swimming season, but with the amazing weather this week we just had to go one more weekend. Even if you already have the camper put to bed for the winter, you can still come out for the day and enjoy the pool – only $13 for the day (up to 6 people).

It has been a great fall so far at Rubber Ducky. Everyone is able to relax, mingle and enjoy our last few camping weekends. As the nights have been getting cooler more people tend to migrate towards the rec building in the evenings.  From an owners perspective it is really nice to see everyone able to get along and enjoy each other’s company. From a personal perspective it would be more enjoyable if I had a little more luck and might actually win a few card games. (Or maybe I just need to learn to cheat better lol)

We started out this spring with only 5 duckies and now we are up to 17 this fall. At least I think that is how many, it is hard to get them all to stay still so that I can count. They had 8 wild ducks visiting with them this morning. The whole crew was swimming around in the big pond. Everyone was happily enjoying the sunrise until the wild ones spotted me and took off  😦  The boy ducks are just starting to get their fall colours with their heads turning to kind of a purplish, greenish color. It seems to change depending on how the light is shining.

I hope everyone is able to get their ducks in a row and get outside to enjoy the fabulous, fall day.

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1 Response to You may have already heard the rumour…

  1. Brenda says:

    Yes maybe if you learned to cheat (so to speak) you might actually win a game!!!

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