April Fools Anyone?

Was anyone made the fool this morning? I was watching Breakfast TV this morning and their fool was a story about a seeing eye cat, also heard of someone doing the traditional turn all the clocks ahead and make someone think they are late. Me, I got no fools this year. Last year I think my joke was that the campground was open and the pool ready for swimming. Of course there was still a foot of snow on the ground so that actually somewhat worked. This year, not so much.

I made an executive decision the other day to ‘officially’ open the campground today. Really all that was involved was posting on our website that we have some sites open. We are having a much busier spring break than in past years. I am going to give a lot of credit to the weather as it has put people in a much better mood than if there was still that foot of snow. We have had a couple staying in on of our rooms all month, but they are ready to head out today. They have purchased a fifth wheel and it sounds like they will mostly be going wherever the wind takes them. I had another family in a room for a couple nights earlier this week.Yesterday,  I got a last minute booking for a room tonight, and I already had a booking for two rooms for Friday and Saturday night. Wow.  Hopefully this is a sign of the season to come and not an April Fool’s Joke.

I had some seasonals asking about getting early power so that they could stay out this weekend, but now with the forecast change I am not sure if they will venture out. Unfortunately Friday sounds like a write off with lots of rain on the way. Hopefully they are wrong yet again.

I have been finalizing the advertising for our 2010 campground map. We picked up a couple new advertisers this year – the West Interlake Trading Company ( http://www.westinterlaketradingcompany.com) will have an ad. Another new advertiser is The Creative Cake. Crissy is will custom make a cake to whatever you want. You can see pictures on her facebook group http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/group.php?gid=121230273882 or for nonfacebookers I have posted a few of the pictures here. Last year there were quite a few camping birthday parties held here so I am thinking that once the word gets out she might get a few orders from here. She is based right out of Warren, so would be handy to go and pick the cake up and not have to worry about storing a big cake while camping.

   It is amazing to see what she can create.

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