Unofficially open

I never thought that I would hear myself saying this in March, but if someone drove in the campground today towing a camper I wouldn’t hesitate to say sure I have a campsite for you.  Of course that is not likely to happen but if things keep up like this we will be ‘officially’ open quite early this year. I actually had some seasonals inquire about staying overnight next weekend. Normally the power to the sites is not turned on until April 15, but it looks like we will be making special arrangements for this unusual year.

As of right now the weather network is saying we will see a high of 18c tomorrow. I really, really hope so, but like everyone else is thinking we will believe it when we see it.  Sounds like perfect spring break weather to me.

I am just planning out my advertising for this season with part 1 beginning next week. This is a joint effort with us and Scrapyard Paintball. I can’t give away too much information because we are planning to do a contest in conjunction with the advertising. Let’s just say it will involve 2 people winning free camping and free paintballing. I am going to try running the contest through our facebook pages, so if you are not already a fan you may want to become one this week. The details will be announced on April 5 and then all you have to do is keep your eyes out for our ad.

I must admit to just having one of those well blonde moments (my apologies to any blondes that are offended). At this time of year it is quite common to have people come out just to drive around and have a look. So I am in my kitchen and am watching this van drive around and making sure this is what they are doing and all is well. Then I see it stop in a strange place near the back of the campground and sit there for quite a while. Not really somewhere that you would be looking around at anything so I’m trying to figure out what they might be doing and then they drive out again. So I’m thinking that is a little weird but oh well. About half an hour later I get email from that someone has posted a log entry on my geocache and ‘click’ on went the lightbulb.  I put the cache right close to where they were parked and really should have figured out what they were doing but nope nada did not clue

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  1. Angela says:

    We’ve also had great weather. We are going to open early as well.

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