Admitting Defeat

After this past weekend we are willing to officially admit that Mother Nature has won. We will not be organizing another winter poker derby. Our first year of the derby it was actually a nice day but that is where it ended. The following year was a full blown blizzard much the same as what we had yesterday. Last year was one of those lovely       -45C days and this year… 😦  On the upside the social was a big success. It started off slow as most socials do and we were a little worried, but that all changed at 9:30ish when the place pretty much filled up. A big thank you to everyone that ventured out in the snow. From what we hear the Northern Lites club is planning to groom  and open their snowmobile trails this week. Hopefully that will get some sleds moving around and maybe a few will stop by our warmup area. We had an interesting snowmobile ride on Saturday when a friend showed up with this:

Now that is my kind of snowmobiling – it was nice and warm inside. We loaded 7 adults and 3 kids inside and headed out for a ride.

Now that we are getting full swing into the new year we have been doing some planning for this year’s advertising campaign. Hopefully February goes fast and then we get into the Boat Show and RV show in early March. Once they are done it seems like no time before we are into camping season. I have already started bribing Mr Groundhog so that he will give us our early spring that we sooooooooooo deserve. Tomorrow I am going to a Creative Tourism Marketing Course in Gimli and will hopefully come back with some new ideas.

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