Looks like things have changed and the Colorado low is not going to it us. It was a pretty stressful start to the week when they were predictinf a storm and 20 cm of snow over our derby weekend. There will be no snowmobile route as there is not enough snow to open the trails but there are other options. We will still have the vehicle route.   If you are into the high tech stuff you can bring your gps and take the geocache option. If you are not sure if you want to geocache the whole route, don’t worry we can give you a cheat sheet in case you run into trouble. If you don’t want to drive the route you can also take the ‘quickpick’ option and draw all your cards at Rubber Ducky. Registration is from 9am-noon if you are going out on the route. All hands will have to be turned in by 5pm, so you can do the ‘quickpick’ thing up until 5pm.

There is a little bit of irony surrounding the derby this year. We had added the geocache option to appeal to a wider group of people so that we wouldn’t just have snowmobilers.  Our hope was this would ultimately increase our number of hands sold of course. Well, without the snow this year we are now missing all the snowmobilers. Yes, we could have postponed like the other derbies did, but the social was already planned and at this rate I am starting to wonder if we will ever have enough snow to run a snowmobile derby this winter. So, we push forward. On the upside to anyone coming out your odds of winning may be pretty good. At some derbies you compete against 400 or so other hands and I will guarantee that we will not have anywhere close to that many at this derby.

Things are looking good for the social part of  the day and there will be lots of laughs to be had at the social on Saturday night. It will be a reunion of sorts for all the summertime friends. Most of our campers don’t see each other during the winter months so it will be a good chance to catch up on old times. There will be tickets available during the day on Saturday so if you decide at the last minute you will still be able to come out. I have finally decided on what to do for RDR Grill specials:

Grilled Chicken Dinner                                
   Juicy grilled chicken breast in your choice of sauce – honey garlic, BBQ or teriyaki. Served with fries or roasted potatoes, coleslaw and vegetable. Single 9.99  Double 13.99

BBQ Back Ribs                         
   Our ribs are slow cooked to tender perfection and smothered in a tangy BBQ sauce. Served with fries or roasted potatoes, coleslaw and vegetable. ½ rack  13.99  Full rack 17.99
Chicken & Rib Combo 
  ½ rack of BBQ ribs and juicy grilled chicken breast. Served with fries or roasted potatoes, coleslaw and vegetable 

 The next couple days will be a whirlwind of tying up the loose ends and hoping that everything is done. There are tables and chairs to move, food to prepare, maps to try and draw, and so on. And then at some point on Saturday evening we get to relax.

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