No more kitties

Our last two kitties from our litter of 8 have finally gone to a new home this past weekend. The last few weeks have been like playing hide and seek with them. Every once in a while they would decide that they needed some space and would find a new spot to hide in. It usually took a day or two before someone spotted them and we located them again. It was nice to have them around but it was hard to keep them safe as well. Unfortunately they didn’t always get treated as gently as we would have liked and more than once we had to ask kids to just leave them alone. It seems a little weird these past couple days without them to play with. We still have the mother cat who is happy to wander around and make friends with the kids however.

If you have been out near the campground lately you may have noticed something happening in the field next to us. I am going to leave you with a cliffhanger and just mention that there will be a new  business starting soon and will release some more details in the next week or so. Actually I am hoping to get some pictures to post at the same time and am waiting for the name to be finalized.

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