Offseason and Mid Week

You just never know what might go on when noone is around. This is something that you will never see happen on a weekend.







Yes that is a boat in our pond. There was a legitimate reason for needing the boat, but the fun they had was a bonus.











They were moving the diffuser for the windmill to a different area of the pond. On the way there and back they just happened to do a few laps around the island. It was a little hard to get much speed up though – they would just get going and they were at the shore already.







The boat launch could use a little work however. Notice the ducks in the background. They even had to come and see what was happening.

This day will go down in Duck history as the first official boating expedition in the pond. I am not going to say the last because I suspect they will find some other excuse to use the boat again.

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