Things have quietened down here as another weekend is coming to an end.  I was able to take the time and have a good look around for our other female duck. We have noticed that at times there is only the male duck around so figured she had a nest around somewhere. It was just a matter of finding it which can be like a needle in a haystack. They plan it so that their nests are hidden so it has taken a while to find her.(speak of the devil, I actually just had to take a break when she showed up quacking on the  doorstep looking for bread) She is all camoflaged in an out of the way corner of bush near the pond. If our calculations are right the first ones should be ready to hatch this weekend. I am not even sure when the second hen started sitting on her eggs, so don’t know the other due date. Somewhere in this picture is the hen and her nest.







If you have driven down highway 67 from Warren to Stonewall you may have noticed that we moved our advertising sign out there. My goal right now is to spread the word that the RDR Grill is open to the public. We had people stop in this weekend just for that reason this weekend so it is starting to work. We are still updating the menu with the addition of perogies and jalepeno poppers this past weekend. This week we will also be venturing into pizza. I will let you know when the new menu is posted to our website. So now to let people know that they can order their food on the way out and pick it up when they are registering.  If the kids are sitting down filling their faces it certainly would make for easier camper set up 🙂

There was someone riding past here on a quad today that we would love to give a big handshake to but, we have no idea who it was. They were courteous enough to slow down as they drove past so that our campers weren’t disturbed by the noise from the ATV.  We would love to be able to let them know that it was noticed and appreciated.

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