Ta daaaaaa

The new store area is finally complete. I spent all day today putting everything back into place and we are fully functional again. april2







This is the view from inside the store looking towards the main entrance to the rec building. On the left will be shelves with groceries, toiletries, candies and rubber ducky stuff. On the right just outside of the picture will be the camping and RV supplies area. Behind the counter on the right is our kitchen area with much much more space now that everything has been moved out to the store. And straight ahead is obviously our till area. We reused the original registration window so that when two of us are working we can be registering campers and helping retail customers at the same time (without tripping on each other).








The is the view looking away from the cash register. You can see all the shelves from this view now and the slush machine and coffee maker are at the back on the right. The fridge is still empty, but later this week I will start stocking it.








This is just a general picture looking towards the concession area. This reno has been a long time coming for us girls that work in this area on a regular basis. We had outgrown our space a long time ago, but we weren’t able to come up with an economical and practical solution until now. It is kind of a running joke now that people (certain seasonals in particular) can see what we have always sold and they had no idea. It just wasn’t convenient for anyone to see what was available, but hopefully that problem will be solved now.

This weekend will be our first chance to really try the area out since it is our official opening. I am almost scared to look at the forecast but it would be really nice if Mother Nature decided to cooperate.  Saturday morning is our welcome back coffee break with free coffee, juice and goodies for all campers. Then Saturday evening will be our first movie night of the season.

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