Fast forward to almost done

I skipped a few days of updates on the renos and we are actually still one step farther than I have pictures ready to post. By tomorrow I should be ready to unveil the final outcome. There is really nothing interesting about drywalling and cleaning and drywalling and cleaning. You get the picture. In addition to trying to do the reno we also had an ATV club meeting on Tuesday, a rental for a shower on Thursday and our girls birthday party this afternoon (Sat). Friday morning was the last sanding on the drywall and then we started painting. My goal was to get the primer and one coat of paint done but we kept moving and Nicole and I were able to get the walls, a display case and 2 other cabinets all painted. I just have a few touchups to do, but otherwise we are done and the baseboards were on by 9:00 pm on Friday. Whew nice to be done – almost.

This is wall paint done, tables in place but before floor paint.

This is wall paint done, tables in place but before floor paint.

We had to clean up dust once again for the party today and Dennis is now painting the floor as I speak (Sat evening).

Floor painting is done
Floor painting is done

He actually had quite a bit more paint leftover than he expected so he just kept painting. The paint that we have to use on the floor is a two part epoxy, so once you mix it up you either paint or it turns into one big hard glob and is garbage. Because we hadn’t planned originally to do the rest of the floor we had none of the other furniture stuff moved out of the way, so he had to paint around everything. It looks a little odd right now until we get some more paint to finish the entire floor in the rec building.
rec-renos-3 Just a couple counter areas to add in and we can start getting organized again. We are not sure exactly how long the floor will take to dry completely, but by Monday at the latest we will be able to move stuff back into the concession area again.
Then onto the next project – operation pool start up. The icebergs are almost melted this morning.

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